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Gifts - Events

Invitations – Teasers - Room Drops – After Dinner – Award Ceremonies – Speaker Gifts – Golf Days
We can create an enduring gift from your brief to suit any occasion. Just choose a book and an accessory and we’ll develop an exclusive box which cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Africa Book - African Myths & Tales
Luxury Embossed Gift Book
Africa - Book - Mandela - In Celebration of a Great Life
A truly comprehensive pictorial coffee table book on Mandela. SEE 'BOOKS & GIFTS - MANDELA CATEGORY FOR MORE OPTIONS.
Africa - Book - Mandela - 'Hunger for Freedom' Gift Box
Mandela food book follows his life through food featuring his favourite recipes and those of friends and relations. Boxed here with Ndebele hand beaded salad servers or African herbs and spices. See Mandela section.
Africa - Book - Mandela - Quotations with Quotation USB
Mandela quotation book - with USB / beaded or branded pen.
Africa - Book - Rhino
Choice of Rhino books boxed with Rhino wine. See Africa Travel Section for alternative Rhino books.
Africa - Book - SA The Beautiful Gift Box
See our Africa & Travel section for alternative books which can be packaged in the same way.
Africa - Book - SA with Ndebele beaded doll
Africa - Book - South Africa - 'Beat about the Bush' Bird Book
Packaged here with a binoculars. See Africa & Travel section for alternative guide books.
Africa - Book 1. - SA Big Five
A superb collection of in-your-face images of Africa's magnificent 'Big Five' - lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. See 'Africa & Travel' section for a variety of options.
Africa - Book 2 - Ramaphosa - Cattle of the Ages
Superb coffee table book featuring stories and portraits of the Ankole cattle. Text - Cyril Ramaphosa Photography Daniel Naude
Africa - Book 3 - Reflection
See 'Coffee Table' & 'Africa & Travel' section for alternatives
Africa - Book 4 - Sacred Nature
From the makers of the award winning television series 'Big Cat Diary'. Sacred Nature is a new and very poignant pictorial coffee-table book which stands testament to our vanishing wilderness.
Africa - Book 5 - Namibia
From a selection. See Africa & Travel
Africa - Book 6 - Botswana
From a selection. See Africa & Travel
Africa - Book 7 - Cape Town
From a selection of Travel & Coffee Table books. See Africa & Travel
Africa - Book 8 - Natal
Secrets of the Mountains & Hills - a photographic journey. From a selection. See Africa & Travel
Africa - Book 9 - Johannesburg
Hidden Johannesburg - A Magnificent Coffee Table Book. Also available 'Hidden Cape Town'
Africa - Books - Small - 'Game Drive' with choice of pens - Small
Get the most from your game drive. Small book includes animal names in French, German, Afrikaans & Zulu plus a 'tick box' to keep track of your sightings.
Africa - Books - Small - Memento
Small comprehensive SA pictorial travel book packaged here with a Ndebele hand beaded bookmark. See Africa & Travel and Small Gift box sections.
Africa - Books - Small - Wisdom from Africa 1.
Small 'Wisdom from Africa' quotations book with choice of accessories.
Africa - Books - Small - Wisdom From Africa 2.
A small gift book of quotations packaged here with a hand beaded Ndebele pen. The book has a dust jacket which can be branded with your logo.
Africa Gift Box - The Great South African Cookbook
Recipes from 67 of South Africa's finest chefs, bakers, farmers, foragers and local food heroes are featured in this magnificent new book.
The 'Nelson Mandela Foundation' will receive all royalties from sales of the book.
Food - Africa - Gift Box - Safaris & Spices
Food - Africa - Small - SA 'Flavours' Book 1.
Small South African travel and recipe book packaged with a selection of spice tubes.
Food - Africa - Small - SA 'Flavours' Book 2.
Cape Town 'Flavours & Traditions'
Food - Africa - Small - SA 'Flavours' Book 4.
Coffee recipe book with Zulu blend coffee and African spoon.
Food - Africa - Small - SA 'Flavours' Book 5.
Concise chilli recipe book with African chilli sauce
Food - Africa - Small - SA 'Flavours' Book 6.
Small honey recipe book with African honey spoon
Food - Africa Gift Box - Braai 1.
Basting Brush / Choice of Wine or Braai Herbs & Basting Sauce. See Food Section.
Food - Africa Gift Box - Braai 2.
Braai The Beloved Country with spice tubes
Food - Africa Gift Box - Braai 3.
Braai The Beloved Country with braai grinders. See Food Section for alternative books.
Food - Africa Gift Box - Tastes of Africa Gift Box
Tastes of Africa with spice grinders. See 'Food' section for alternatives
Food - Gift Box Int. - Cooking with Olive Oil
New olive oil book with - Olive Pesto - Olive Oil. Used as a client gift for a trip to the Mediterranean.
Food - Gift Box Int. - Japanese Food & Cooking
A timeless cuisine. Packaged with bowls, sauce dipping bowls & fish chopstick holders. Books also available on Chinese, Noodle, Thai, Korean, Sashimi & Sushi cookery. Used as a 'teaser' gift for a trip to Japan.
Food - Gift Box Int. - Sushi & Asian Food
Food - Gift Box Int. - World Atlas of Food with trio of spices
Food- Gift Box Int. - Tastes of the Mediterranean
This gift box was made up to client's brief. Mediterranean cruise. Olive Oil - Balsamic Vinegar - Olive Spoon - Nuts & Spices.
General - Book - Conference
Smart Phone Photograpy Guide
How often have you taken a quick pic on your cellphone and been horribly disappointed with the result? This book, which makes a great conference gift, answers all the questions.
General - Book - Conference
Great speeches - book from a selection of local and international business & conference gifts. WE WILL SOURCE & SUPPLY NEW BUSINESS BOOKS.
Gift Box Drinks - Champagne
This stunning new book which contains over 20 facsimiles and removable artwork was paired with French champagne as an exclusive gift for guests at a champagne festival.
Gift Box Drinks - Cocktails 1
Exclusive Cocktail book withTot Measure & Cocktail Shaker
Gift Box Drinks - Cocktails 2.
Whisky Cocktail Book with whisky glasses
Gift Box Drinks - Gin Book 1
Our new gin book can be paired with your choice of local or international gin
Gift Box Drinks - Gin Book 2
Small Gin Cocktail Book with choice of local gins
Gift Box Drinks - Prosecco
Small cocktail book boxed with choice of Prosecco. Great for after dinner or travel gifts.
Gift Box Drinks - Whisky - Great Whiskies Gift Box
More than 500 of the world's finest whiskies are distilled into this user-friendly pocket guide. Gift packaged with flask (which can be branded) and tot measure.
Gift Box Drinks - Whisky - Scotch Whisky Treasures
A sumptuous journey of discovery into the world's noblest spirit. Includes 20 rare and removable items of whisky memorabilia. Just add your favourite Scotch whisky.
Gift Box Drinks - Wine - Small Gift Box 'Love Your Wine'
Delightful new SA wine guide packaged with your selection of wine and accessories. Perfect local gift book for corporate wine tastings. See 'Drinks' & 'Small Gift' Sections.
Gift Box Drinks - Wine - Winelands of the Cape
Luxurious SA wine book with your choice of wine. See 'Drinks' section for alternatives.
Gift Box Drinks - Wine - World Atlas of Wine
Best selling 'International Atlas of Wine' with choice of wine. See 'Drinks' for alternatives.
Gift Box Sport - Cars - Google World Atlas of Formula One from the Air
Gift Box Sport - Cars - Treasures of Formula One
See 'Books & Gifts'. 'Sport' section for alternatives
Gift Box Sport - Cycling - Book Treasures of the Tour de France
"Treasures of le Tour de France' is a unique book. Containing superb items of removable facsimile memorabilia plus photographs of long-forgotten tours, it's a perfect celebration of the world's toughest test of cycling endurance.
Gift Box Sport - Golf - 'Google Earth' Golf Book Gift Pack
Coffee table golf book - foreword by Ernie Els packaged with his 'Big Easy' wine.
Gift Box Sport - Golf - Miscellany with Wine
Choice of small golf books packaged with wine.
Gift Box Sport - Golf - Wit & Wisdom of Golf
Choice of small golf books packaged with golfing accessories.
Gift Box Sport - Rugby Gift Box - 'Rugby Union Gift Box'
The magnificent book 'Treasures of International Rugby Union' with your choice of wine. Also available World Cup Soccer - Tour de France. See Sports section.
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